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You're a business man. You notice New Yorkers are neglecting the plant life in the city! You collect them, you chuck them at the trees! PAY ATTENTION YOU SPEEDY NEW YORKERS! This game was created around the issue of the pace of New Yorkers. I created a sandbox world where you don't have to save the trees, you could just roam around and find secrets, or you could save the trees by forcing people to pay attention to them.

Install instructions

Hey, thanks so much for downloading, I love seeing the numbers

Download, now available for Windows and Mac!

Attention.exe for Windows

NYC_Pace for Mac

Leave a comment, I'd greatly appreciate it!


Attention.zip 13 MB
Attention.app.zip 16 MB


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This was actually a fun little game. I actually really loved the pitter patter of my feet when I ran lol. Overall, decent game.

Hey BeniKnight,

Thanks a bunch for playing! You're commentary was grade A, lol! Watching your Let's Play and another I found online has inspired me to revisit this little game assignment and update it, You both came so close to the overall objective but stayed however just playing around in the sandbox lol. The game's main challenge is to turn all the trees in NY to their original brown color by sticking NYkers onto them. But just throwing them around was the fun I hoped would come as well :)

(pssst a cheatcode in the game is when you're out of NYkers, press "J" for JW.Berry and see what happens)



Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it. And yes please, by all means update it. I would love to play it again and it was super fun to play in the first place.