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Berry is a story focused game where you play as little James. He collects different berries that and if he gets enough of any kind, he turns into the "Mr. Berry" of that flavor. Mr. Berrys are the superpowered personas of little James, they are the berry empowered forms of him. The overarching story of why little James travels his world and the teased berry worlds to collect his Mr. Berry forms is still under development but the berry types were ones he was name-called by teasing kids,. I worked mostly on created a base for my future speedster game through the first Mr. Berry unlockable in the game, " Mr. Cherry Berry" who has super-speed when used. I wanted to create a tutorial system for this game that would instruct you on how to use whatever new Mr. Berry you unlocked, with minimal use of written or graphic instruction.

Controls (soon to be shown in-game):

WASD / Arrows : movement

F : Turn to Little James

G (with enough cherries) : Turn to Mr. Cherry Berry

Space : Jump

" / " : Return to Menu

----JoyStick (PS4,USB)----

Left Analog : Movement

Right Trigger : Return to Menu

where the square and circle would be transforms you (different numbers for controllers)

Square : Turns to Little James

Circle (with enough cherries) : Turns to Mr. Cherry Berry

X : Jump

It will be completed, enjoy the beta for now!~

Install instructions

PC_Berry for PC Master Race users

Mac_Berry for Mac and Cheese users

jk , enjoy on your devices


PC_Berry.zip 37 MB
Mac_Berry.app.zip 40 MB

Development log

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